Kajian Teori Kesejahteraan Sosial Dalam Pelaksanaan Wakaf Atas Tanah

Onny Medaline


Waqf is a manifestation of the core system of social welfare, which includes the institutions that have activities and programs towards the realization of the general welfare, in which the business is organized with social services by nazhir. Indonesian Waqf Board as a new institution which was born by Waqf Law has a big responsibility in order to increase the nazhir resource. As mentioned in the Wakaf Law. With the end of waqf is expected to create a condition of prosperous life in the fulfllment of material, spiritual, and social needs in a balanced manner in society. The form of activities or activities of waqf to prosperous condition, that is by way of managing the utilization of waqf in productive and can be improved so as to make
waqf as economic potential has a proft value.

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