Pemanfaatan Dana Tabungan Haji Untuk Pengembangan Wakaf Produktif (Studi Perbandingan Pembangunan Commercial Building Diatas Tanah Wakaf – Gedung Imara Wakaf Di Kuala Lumpur

Helza Nova Lita


Waqf utilization management and management system is one of important aspect in developing the new paradigm of wqf in Indonesian. Including the construction and management of commercial building on the land of waqf. In relation to the provisions of the Waqf Act, the management of waqf assets must be in accordance with the principles of sharia. This also applies to the fnancing and management of commercial building on waqf

This article examines how the utilization of funds for the saving pilgrimage productive waqf through the construction of commercial buildings on the land of endowments. Approach used is normative juridical approach method. The need for partnership synergy especially with the business world in the development of waqf land for commercial building development. Nazhir under Article 11 of the Wakaf Law shall administer, administer and develop waqf property in this case waqf land in accordance with its purpose, function and appropriation, including
supervising and protecting waqf property, and reporting the implementation of duties to the Indonesian Waqf Board. Utilization of the economic potential of the waqf asset for the result gives a great beneft for mauquf alaih/to advance the general welfare

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